Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Who?

I wonder if The Who have a Rock Band video game coming out, because their performance tonight at the Super Bowl in Miami looked like an advertisement for one ... or some old product-testers running demos of one!

Despite Townshend’s earlier proclamations, I don’t begrudge the guys for getting old, but both Roger’s and Pete’s voices were woefully ragged and the medley of songs they played was very forced and unsatisfying. They would’ve been better off doing just two or three songs in their entirety (a killer version of an obscure track and a well-loved hit or two, perhaps). The staging and light show were impressive, but overall the performance didn’t do justice to their legacy (unlike their post-9/11 NYC concert appearance, which was stunning).

In the end, I guess it was all about promoting their new greatest hits CD. Apparently their previous dozen or so greatest hits collections just don’t fill the coffers anymore.

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  1. Little did I know when I wrote the above that, in fact, that is pretty much what was going on: