Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Pertinent Question ...

Once you look past the rather uninspired artistry of this early ’90s’ music video, it’s not too difficult to appreciate the song as a quintessential example of what pop music could (and should) be: upbeat and buoyant, while also meaningful and thought-provoking. In fact, this is “spiritual” music no matter what perspective you hear it from. Besides being an obvious fan of The Beatles, World Party principal Karl Wallinger is one of the under-appreciated stand-out musical forces of my generation – this being just one of his many memorable tunes. (I recently learned that he suffered an aneurysm about a decade ago and has done only limited musical work since.)

Above was one of two official video releases for “Is It Like Today?” – the better of the two, in fact!  But this is a live-in-the-studio rendition from 1993 that, though a bit bare, is still powerful nonetheless:

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