Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Killer Twain

Mark Twain died 100 years ago today. He was an astute, and humorously acerbic, commentator on American culture. Many of his observations still ring true to this day.

This is one my personal favorite Twain witticisms, from one of his lesser-known tales, Lionizing Murderers:

Yours was not, in the beginning, a criminal nature, but circumstances changed it. At the age of 9 you stole sugar. At the age of 15 you stole money. At 20 you stole horses. At 25 you committed arson. At 30, hardened in crime, you became an editor. You are now a public lecturer. Worse things are in store for you. You will be sent to Congress. Next to the penitentiary. Finally, happiness will come again – all will be well – you will be hanged.

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