Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Mark Cutler

I enjoyed reading a great article on Mark Cutler this week in the East Bay Newspapers (see it here). It was written by my buddy Jim McGaw. Jim and I have seen a lot of Cutler shows together over the years.

His profile gives an informative overview of Mark’s illustrious history in the New England music scene – as well as his brushes with national (and international!) fame – right up through all the things he’s doing today, including his most recent release, Red (see my previous review here). Ever the vibrant and energetic artist, the singer/songwriter/guitarist’s story is an interesting one, and it’s well-told in Jim’s piece, enhanced with some insightful comments by Cutler’s long-time musical compadre Emerson Torrey. There’s also a video accompanying it that features a snippet of Mark doing an acoustic version of the old Schemer’s hit “Remember.” Check it out!

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  1. Thanks, Bill! Right back at you. Your blog is awesome.
    - Jim