Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Being a “Patient” Patient Can Be Fatal

Last week, I attended yet another conference on social media in healthcare: “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media.” This event in Seattle had some of the standard fare for these kinds of gatherings, as well as some stimulating, insight-providing highlights.

One of the standouts, came from a different perspective than most of the other presentations, which featured either social media gurus, forward-thinking hospital communicators or social-media savvy physicians. What I’m referring to was a presentation by a a fellow known as ePatient Dave. Dave deBronkart is a celebrity in these circles, but this was the first time I'd heard him speak. And it was quite a revelation.

Even if you have no interest in healthcare communications, this video has plenty of food for thought for anyone who will ever need healthcare for something major – which, sooner or later, will most likely be all of us. Suffice to say, this Ted X talk by ePatient Dave might just contain the germ of an idea that could save your life someday.

Dave actually showed this lengthy (17-min.) clip to kick-off his hour-long presentation in Seattle, something you would’t think would work (I didn’t think so either, initially at least), but in hindsight it was hard to top. Take the time to watch this, someday you might be glad you did.

I love the comment just below the video on YouTube.

Equipped, engaged, empowered, enabled ... good words to live by no matter what the circumstance.

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