Sunday, November 13, 2011

Church Symphony’s Sonic Explosion

Who says old guys can’t rock? This recently surfaced video clip offers compelling evidence to the contrary, even if said geezers have a 70-piece orchestra in tow.

The Church’s sheer hyperblastic force on this version of their adrenaline-propelled classic track, “Tantalized,” from 1986’s Heyday, overwhelms the George Ellis Orchestra. The classical musicians accompanied the Aussie rock band during a special one-off “Psychedelic Symphony” performance at the Sydney Opera House in April 2011.

In fact, the orchestra seems unnecessary for much of the song, though it does add some nice embellishments around the band’s satiated sound. (It should be noted, too, that the original LP track did have prominent horn parts, too, so it wasn’t all just guitar slinging then either.)

Absolutely brilliant rock excess, even with the orchestral flourishes.

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