Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eilen Jewell's Understated Treasure

Nearly two months have passed since the occasion, but I don’t want to let the wonderful shows Eilen Jewell and her band played at Fall River’s Narrows Center for the Arts back in mid January go by without some recognition. 

The two sold out performances featured plenty of country twang and upbeat folk highlighted by the tight band's superior chops and Jewell’s prowess as a songwriter and singer. Her between song storytelling added to the folksy vibe while showcasing her understated humor and genuine charm. 

Eilen’s crisp vocals really shone on the few Loretta Lynn tunes where she really cut loose with extra exuberance. Among her many own tunes, standouts included “Queen of the Minor Key,” “Bang, Bang, Bang,” “Warning Signs,” I’ll Remember You,” “Only One” and “If You Catch Me Stealing.” 

Eilen Jewell at  The Narrows Center, Fall River 1/19/13:
•  Radio City
•  I Remember You
•  Warning Signs
•  Heartache Boulevard
•  Reckless
•  Restless
•  Only One
•  Too Hot to Sleep
•  Deep As Your Pocket
•  Why I’m Walking
•  Santa Fe
•  Dusty Boxcar Wall
•  Satisfied Mind
•  Home to Me
•  Rain Roll In
•  High Shelf Booze
•  Fist City
•  Bang Bang Bang
•  I’m Gonna Dress in Black
•  Shakin’ All Over  (with bits of Paint It Black and Daytripper)
•  Queen of the Minor Key
•  If You Catch Me Stealing

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